Who am I

I am a tech enthusiast from Austria who loves engineering, music, traveling and many other things. If you would like to learn more about me or would like to contact me, just drop me a line on one of the many social media platforms I am using. Alternatively you may scan the following QR-code using your mobile phone (e.g., Android, iPhone, Windows Phone does it out of the box through search and scan) to obtain my complete vcard.



Whatever you read here, please don’t take it too seriously, because I don’t do either ;)

A Word on Privacy

Some people ask me: why do you blog, what about your privacy?

While I do understand their concerns, I have tell you: Privacy is not what it was 10 years ago. Young readers know what I am talking about and it’s not minor adjustments: The whole concept of privacy has changed – totally.

Some might still argue that “something as essential as privacy can not just change within a decade” and that it has to be protected. They might say my understanding of these changes and my reactions are disproportional. But I could as easily say that their views are just naive. Whatever your personal opinion, when you look around there is just no denying that the concept of privacy is completely different compared to what our parents thought it would be. And while there is a lot to fear from these changes, they also bring a host of extraordinary opportunities. We just have to get accustomed to them.

This is exactly what this blog is about: Me adjusting to a semi-transparent internet world. Semi-transparent, because don’t flatter yourself, I still won’t tell you everything. What you will get though is an exciting look into my world as I see it. And the best thing: you might even be a part of it, which I am really thankful for!

So  keep on reading and while being an online person, don’t forget to get outside, listen to the birds, watch the wind play with trees, feel the chill of a cool winter day, let the sun dry your rain-soaked cloths, talk to real people, taste whatever delicious food you have in the country of your origin, build a better place for you, your friends, your family … … …