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Try Something New for 30 Days

A while ago I stumbled across a TED talk in which Matt Cutts presents the idea of trying something new for 30 days.

If you are as bad at sticking to resolutions as I am, I highly recommend giving it a try. 30 days really seems “just about the right amount of time“.

Here are some of the 30 days projects that I have done and blogged about so far:

Food Porn For 30 Days

Today’s my birthday.

Your birthday is kind of like your personal new years eve. A moment when you review the bigger picture, reflect on the past and the future and make resolutions.

I am not good at resolutions but the 30 days thing has worked for me. So here’s my new challenge: Knowing that I do often eat/drink way too unhealthy stuff I’ll take a picture of (almost) everything that goes into my mouth for the next 30 days. No I’ll not include water too often, and I’ll feel free to skip anything that has 50 kcal or less.

If everything works out you should see things pop up on my newly created pinterest board soon. Happy eating!

Happy Eating