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We just traveled Canada for three weeks and there’s one thing that became clear to me: I need a Kayak! The whole concept of hiking on water resonates with me on so many levels.

Getting from A to B at a steady pace while enjoying beautiful landscapes is pure pleasure to me. Kayaking has all of that, plus it lets me experience lakes and rivers in an almost meditative fashion. My favorite book is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and I think that my fascination with water plays a role in that.

Last weekend we did a day-long Kayaking trip from Ebensee to Gmunden. Makes you feel like Huck for a day …

Don’t Forget Your… V2. 0

Some years ago I posted a list of things you and I should not forget to bring when traveling.

Turns out it’s pretty outdated by now, who needs an mp3 player these days, so here’s an update:


– Undergarments
– Socks
– Shorts
– Trousers
– Evening Attire
– Swimming
– Bathing Suit
– Boggles
– Ear plugs
– Towels
– Jacket
– Lid
– Gloves


– Black shoes
– Sporty shoes
– Running Shoes
– Thongs
– Flip Flops


– Money
– ATM card
– Credit Card
– E-Card
– Driver’s License


– Teeth brush
– Toothpaste
– Shaver
– Shaving Cream
– After Shave
– Floss
– Shower Gel
– Deo
– Swiss Army Knife
– Towels
– Sun Screen
– Electric Hair Trimmer


– Imodium
– Mexalen
– Paspertine


– Power Adapter
– Mobile Phone
– Camera
– Tripod
– Memory Card
– Battery
– Laptop + Charger
– E-Book Reader
– Tablet
– USB Charger
– USB Cables (C, Micro, Lightning, …)


– Passport
– Guide
– Business Card
– Maps (e.g., Offline Google Maps)
– Infos: Flight, Hotel, Visa
– Presents
– Sun Glasses
– Water Bottle


– Passport
– Mobile Phone
– Wallet
– Camera
– Sun Glasses

Here’s the list as pdf.