Monthly Archives: March 2011

Wind Power and Mailüfterl

Another visit to Vienna. Apart from the IEEE Officiers meeting, which was quite interesting, I have two other interesting findings to share! It was a really great day with lots of sunshine, so driving was fun. What I came to realize is that we have a lot of wind power plants in Austria:

Whatever this means, I think I like it ;) Secondly, while on a short break from the meeting, I realized that we had the meeting right next to Heinz Zemaneks office (!!!! Yes, the famous Mailüfterl ( Zemanek ;)

All in all it was a great day!

Campus Radio

Today I was part of another example of how much you can do with so little. I was live and online on JKU campus radio ( Gerhard, the host of the show I was invited to, is really doing a great job every week! So here’s a photo of Mr. The-Show-Must-Go-On

He plays a lot of really cool Austrian music and his comments on politics and what is going on all over the world are hilarious. So if you feel like it, just tune in on every Monday night at 7 pm MESZ (=5 pm UTC).

P.S. You can also download this Mondays podcast at Just click on the show “Der verlorene Posten”

Leave Me Alone – Earth Hour 2011

Having a day off, just for myself has become a luxary these days. Today was a day where I really wanted it badly – once again impossible. Maybe I should build myself a leave-me-alone-machine like the one I found on youtube :D

It is really fascinating how many different kinds of this machine you can find on youtube! Whatever, here’s a much more important message:

I joined the celebration with a romantic bottle of leave-me-alone beer and candlelight.

Hope you had a great earth hour yourself. Post a comment to let me know how you spent it!


Today my sister had her commencement! What a cheerful day! Here’s a photo of my sister giving the commencement speech:

Congrats, she did a really good job. All in all it was a great day: great weather, lots of nice people, lots of good food.