Good Bye Los Angeles!

My four days visit to Los Angeles comes to an end. It was really a great idea to come here. A lot of  things have changed, and a lot have stayed the same, but my friends here are still wonderful. Christina and Kun-Huan, the couple that offered me a place to stay, were just terrific! From getting me from the airport, including  perfect hydration after the flight to checking everything with the  UCLA gang – they did a great job! Thank you so much!

The first day I would show up at UCLA. I still know so many people and seeing Ali and Reza again was really nice!

It was also great to see Darren, Stephanie and Thomas again, what a nice family they have! The burger place they chose for dinner was perfect! Next days frozen yogurt with Naomi was just as delightful.

This evening I could have a last dinner with Kun-Huan, Christina, Michael, Jim and his new girlfriend  Peggy. The curry was great and so was desert. But the best was still to come: I had talked Jim into trying geocaching and so he had prepared a cache near the restaurant and, lo and behold, I could be there when he made his very first find!

Thanks a lot to all of you!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading of to NYC where I’ll meet Andrea!

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