A Sad Certainty

So I had this setup where I would get these occasional top-news messages from CNN. Like ten years ago, on the first day of my last year of high school, the phone would not stop ringing until the last byte of its memory was filled. A sad certainty began to besiege us all.

New York is “far away” from a European perspective. If it is too remote for you to empathize, take the 9/11 memorial tour, which is what I did a year ago. A married couple with very close connections to the events of September 11, 2001 shared some historical facts as well as their personal story. A very emotional trip. Ever since I am in awe of how gracefully many people have tried to deal with the mean hand they had been dealt. Today is a day to feel sad and a day to understand our duty to learn from what has happend.

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