I am IEEE (Region 8 Student Representative)

You know how so many of us are asking who or what they are? Answering this question isn’t really easy, but if there’s one aspect about myself that I am absolutely sure about, it’s this: I am an engineer. I like building stuff and I like using mathematics, physics and technology.

Whatever hobby or job you have: There are probably associations for your very field. One of these associations for technology believers like myself is IEEE. You can google it, it’s basically a platform for technology-related people and companies. Never heard of IEEE before? Well, chances are you are using IEEE technologies like wifi in this very moment!

So I am an IEEE member (as are 400000 others on this planet) and I’ve tried to push IEEE forward in our local university student community and our “local” Austrian IEEE community for the last couple of years. The whole thing got even bigger for me now. Starting 1st of January 2013 I’ve been appointed as the IEEE Region 8 Student Representative, which means my job now is to represent 17000 students from Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

I don’t know how the whole thing is going to work out, but trust me, I’ll give my very best! – And of course I am not alone, we’re a great team. Starting with Pablo from Spain who’s the chair and Elias Nassar from Lebanon as past chair to David Dias (Portugal), Famia (Greece) and Piotr (Poland) – they are all great and motivated team members! – I’ll keep you posted about the great ideas they have, for now I’ll leave you with a video about why others have joined IEEE

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