Use Keepass or Get Screwed AGAIN

I did blog about some website’s admins using their privileges to steal login data two days ago. But I guess that is not enough for a week. Today I was informed by Evernote (a service I don’t really use, but gave a trial run at some point) that Adobe (I have to have an Adobe ID to get and read those DRM protected e-books I buy from Thalia) has leaked my data. You’ve heard right: In a world like this company A starts mining on data leaked by company B and in case your e-mail pops up they inform you that company B has leaked data of 150 million users. – Just in case you use the same passwords for both companies, WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT.

So again a kind word of warning

  1. Use different passwords for the different online services you use.
  2. Use strong passwords, meaning passwords that are long, contain numbers and special characters, are not too obvious and can not be found in a dictionary. E.g., “christian83” or “hellokitty” are bad passwords, while “M9TSdc_R)OGyKNszL[wM” is a good one.

Of course you can either memorize those passwords, or use a safe place to store them such as keepass, which is what I do.


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