Spotlight: Panzerballett

“Wellness-Death-Jazz” is printed in large letters across the T-shirts of some loyal fans who are head-banging right next to me. It is also what the guys on stage say their musical style is. Let me introduce to you: Panzerballett.

Oddly enough the head-bangers are not the only distinct group that the audience is composed of. There are also those of us who are apparently enjoying the musical fireworks in a more introverted way and who start clapping after each solo, as etiquette dictates. Even without hearing the music, just by looking at the audience, you can tell that Wikipedia is absolutely right by calling their music Jazz-Metal. But then of course you should hear their music!

Seemingly effortless they pump monstrous, rhythmically complex metal and jazz inspired themes, riffs and solos into the auditorium. What can I say: THEY ROCK! They’ve almost made me a heavy metal convert. And the best thing: they ask you to try this at home. From the shop on their website you can get transcriptions (thanks Waschtl for pointing this out to me ;) ), T-Shirts and also their new album CD Tank Goodness.

I am glad they played at the Kulturzentrum Hof in Linz and that I had a chance to be at their concert. And of course I got myself a copy of their brand new album.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight: Panzerballett

  1. Sebastian

    Yeah and they also have their own Panzerballett Realbook, so if you dare you can try to play their stuff.
    It was a truly inspiring concert in Vienna as well.

    Why write we English only?
    Panzerballett ist obergeil!

    1. Christian M. Schmid (Post author)

      War echt ein Wahnsinns-Konzert! Danke für den Tipp mit dem Panzerballett Realbook, hab den Post dahingehend upgedatet!


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