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Don’t forget your …

A very practical thing: A “Don’t forge your …” list before going on a journey! I prepared one for my Hawaii-LA-NYC trip. And as I did actually not miss a thing I guess it is pretty solid ;) (No legal liability here, use at your own risk!!!)

I will definitely come back here next time before any trip.  But no more waiting for now, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you: THE LIST:

The original list was in German, so here’s a translation for the English-speaking folks out there:

– Undergarments
– Socks
– Shorts
– Trousers
– Evening Attire
– Swimming
– Bathing Suit
– Boggles
– Ear plugs
– Towels
– Jacket
– Lit
– Gloves
– Black shoes
– Sporty shoes
– Running Shoes
– Thongs
– Flip Flops
– Money
– ATM card
– Credit Card
– E-Card
– Teeth brush
– Toothpaste
– Shaver
– Shaving Cream
– After Shave
– Floss
– Shower Gel
– Deo
– Swiss Army Knife
– Towels
– Sun Screen
– Electric Hair Trimmer
– Imodium
– Mexalen
– Paspertine
– Power Adapter
– Mobile Phone
– Charger
– Camera
– Memory Card
– Battery
– Charger
– Laptop
– Charger
– Flash Drive
– Card Reader
– mp3 Player
– Passport
– Guide
– Business Card
– Maps
– Infos: Flight, Hotel, Visa
– Presents
– Sun Glasses
– Book (Flight)
– Geocaching
– Passport
– Infos: Flight, Hotel, Visa
– Wallet
– Mobile Phone
– Camera
– mp3 Player
– Sun Glasses

Keep on Running!

Jetlag and the cold I caught on the airplane from New York delayed it a little bit, but finally I got there: Yesterday I went out for a run, the first time since im back to Austria. What a delight with the new running shoes that I had bought in NYC!

In addition to the new running shoes I tried something else that is new and exciting. As I have a data plan for my mobile now, I downloaded a free program called Sports Tracker that tracks your training! What a fun way to use technology to enhance an every-day thing like running! Check out the stats of yesterdays run at

Going Home …

The last days in New York were just great. Pictures say more than thousand words

The last one was from the great off-broadway show that we saw: Fuerzabruta

Now I am back home with a host of wonderful memories and the wish to go out into the world again soon …

New York, New York

A lot has happend since my last post! New York is an exciting experience. It impossible to compress all the impressions into one blog entry.

Central Park and geocaching therein, the museum of modern arts, Brooklyn bridge, a boat trip around Manhattan island, sun set from the Empire state building, the Metropolitan museum of art, the american museum of natural history, the museum of modern arts, SoHo, little Italy, Chinatown, and so much more, just unbelievable …

On thing I am especially thankful for and that I could appreciate more than any other visitor is having seen the Cristofori piano. It was shocking to see all the people just walk by. This my friends is THE OLDEST PIANO that we know of, created by the inventor of the piano Bartolomeo Cristofori himself!!!!

Hello New York!

On Saturday evening I arrived in New York. The flight from LA was even an hour early, so I had plenty of time to get to the terminal where Andrea arrived. I prepared a “Andrea Leb” sign, and so she could not miss me. What a cheerful reunion! That night we just got to the hotel and got to sleep.

Sunday was different. We were going to Times Square where we happened to stumble into the “Broadway on Broadway” show which is essentially a free medley concert of all Broadway shows! For the big finale they didn’t spare the effects and so this is the wonderful first impression that Andrea and me were able to get from Time Square.

Still a little bit tired of the jet lag we got to bed early, only to start exploring the city today with all our batteries fully recharged. We took the Staten Island Ferry trip for a close-up with the Statue of Liberty and wandered lower Manhatten


We also visited Ground Zero, where we were fortunate to be part of a very intimate guided tour. A married couple that has very close connections to the events of September 11th 2001 shared some historical facts as well as their personal story. Also a very emotional trip. It is amazing how they deal with it, I don’t know how I would. You can already see new buildings rise at Ground Zero!

After some late lunch / dinner we decided to visit Brooklyn Bridge, where I got this beautiful photo of Andrea, the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of Manhatten

Thank you New York and its people, it was a great day!

Good Bye Los Angeles!

My four days visit to Los Angeles comes to an end. It was really a great idea to come here. A lot of  things have changed, and a lot have stayed the same, but my friends here are still wonderful. Christina and Kun-Huan, the couple that offered me a place to stay, were just terrific! From getting me from the airport, including  perfect hydration after the flight to checking everything with the  UCLA gang – they did a great job! Thank you so much!

The first day I would show up at UCLA. I still know so many people and seeing Ali and Reza again was really nice!

It was also great to see Darren, Stephanie and Thomas again, what a nice family they have! The burger place they chose for dinner was perfect! Next days frozen yogurt with Naomi was just as delightful.

This evening I could have a last dinner with Kun-Huan, Christina, Michael, Jim and his new girlfriend  Peggy. The curry was great and so was desert. But the best was still to come: I had talked Jim into trying geocaching and so he had prepared a cache near the restaurant and, lo and behold, I could be there when he made his very first find!

Thanks a lot to all of you!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading of to NYC where I’ll meet Andrea!

Hello World!

I guess that’s what your supposed to say when a new digital thing gets started off. So welcome to my new roller coaster ride fun park! Check by later to find out more!

Get ready to play!